07/11/2023 21:45 in News
Many years ago, a music distribution company was held in the highest regards. The good people that you never see; from behind the scenes, which were responsible for all of the music that we know and love being made available to us; by way of cd, vinyl or cassette, performed their jobs professionally and with honor. They conducted their day to day routines with an understanding of the affect of their actions on the record label, the artist, group or band.
They knew that music moguls, producers and the entire label families were counting on them to perform their tasks according to release dates; scheduled events and ect. Everything had to run like clock work. Once the deal was dealt, the music distribution team had to stand and deliver. And they did. Everyone knew their job. And everyone knew his or her place. No one had to question what their roll was that they had to play. They knew their lines and they knew them by heart.
 Today we have a completely different idea and concept of music distribution. Due to the change in the way we purchase and listen to music here in the future, the idea of cd's, vinyl records and cassette tapes have become obsolete. Now we have digital turntables that play digital mp3 and wav files amongst others. We went from flip phones, to MP3 players, to fancy android and apple iPhones that have built in MP3 players for our musical pleasure. Which leads us to music downloads and streaming platforms.
Music streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple iTunes and Amazon Music just to name a few; have changed the way we listen to music. They have become the new record stores without having to stock even one record. Via the internet, the music industry has been altered immensely. Weather the major record labels like it or not, a completely unknown recording artist "Joe Shmoe", can release his new track that he just recorded in his grandmas attic two days ago; if he so chooses.
Which leads us to music distribution here in the future. Today we deal with online music distribution sites such as CD Baby and Awal which have a positive and long standing reputation for being trustworthy and professional. As time moved forward, so did the amount of different online music distributors. Some of these distributors are the real thing and get the job done with honor. And then there the other ones. The sharks. Wolves in sheep's clothing.
These are the guys that mascaraed themselves as music distributors. But there not. They don't care about your dream. They don't care about giving you all of your stream / royalty money. They are listening to your concept. They are studying your style. They are attempting to duplicate your swagger. Be ware of Shark Music Distribution sites; that came out of no where only a year or two ago, that some record label owns.
They may tell you to submit your song to there people for a chance at getting your track heard by a label A&R. So you do thinking you might get discovered. Now they are dissecting and analyzing your brand new song. You think that you are potentially a record deal candidate. But your not. Your pawn in their evil chess game as they are trying to keep an ear to the street for new competition; that may render their new 200 thousand dollar marketing plan; to make some talentless individual famous; useless.
Beware of the so called music distribution sites that are controlled by some record label that all of a sudden change their mission statement from a DIY (Do It Yourself) distributor, to some type of private, invitation only distributor. All of a sudden out of the blue. Just like that. Now you have to search for a new distributor to re-upload your music so you can stay relevant and keep your dream alive. All while, you don't even really have that kind of time for all of this extra non-sense.
Lastly, it appears that in todays music industry. it's becoming a standard practice; to harass, stalk or even assassinate up and coming artists for being blessed with talent. To many young artists are mysteriously loosing their lives because some chump in the music game decided to pay some pawn, to sneak attack and murder someone else; because they have more talent then anybody on their weak record label. Years ago. if you had talent, you can be certain that a record deal was in your near future.
Today, if God blessed you with any type of talent, you have to watch your back and be careful who you let in your circle. Make sure they don't have a price. Make sure they are genuine. Always listen with and speak from your third eye. And don't be and asshole. If you can master being humble in this manner, you may survive.


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